Winter Concert, 2012 Celebrating Our Love of Music and Valentine’s Day!!!!

Our annual Winter Concert will be held tomorrow at the Queen Street East Presbyterian Church located at the south east corner of Queen Street and 6:30.  Could you please plan to arrive at 6:15 so we can get started promptly at 6:30.  Use the Queen Street (side) entrance like usual.

Please get dressed up..this is an event and a celebration of music!!

Bring your music with you even if it is memorized and relax the day of the performance. Try not to do too many activities the day of the performance so you are not tired..or stressed.

The day of the performance, eat a banana as it calms the nerves and if you must practice, play your music once or twice slowly using the music.  Don’t keep reviewing it over and over.  You want to have “fresh fingers” for the concert.

Bring a treat for our after party.

I am looking  forward to sharing music with you once again.

Also a reminder that group classes (Piano Performance) and theory classes will be held at my home on Sunday January 29.  We will chat about the concert, talk about the Romantic time period of music and listen to some music and play games.  Please bring your Student Organizer!!

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