Welcome to my updated web site. I hope you find it useful. I am planning to blog on this site between Thursday morning and Friday evening weekly so check for updates.

I often tell my students and their parents, that a student whose sightreading and ear are balanced become just that..balanced musicians. Both are important for the budding performer.

Let me start with sightreading. Remember…I always tell you to clap the rhythms BEFORE you begin to sight read. This website will help you to do that, no matter what level you are at. Next week I will lead you to a site where you play, but for now, just learn to clap the rhythms. Have fun, and keep trying until you get to a higher level!

Try this free web site to enhance your skills. When you play the game choose 4 measures, your level( level 3 is quite advanced!!!!) and remember there is a metronome clicking you in, so listen for that before you listen to the correct clapping.

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