Welcome to Fall Piano Lessons-2018

My hope is that everyone had a wonderful relaxing summer.  It was busy around here..never a dull moment.

I will be having each student fill out a goal sheet at his/her first lesson.  I would like it taken home for parents to review and sign.  I want to keep parents well informed.

At the end of the term, I will send home a little assessment comparing goals to what was actually achieved…just to keep everyone on track.

You will receive a reminder and an invoice a few days before your first lesson but please check the schedule for your time slot.

This term I ham hostessing two piano performance classes..one for Hallowe’en on October 27 and one for Christmas/Holiday music on Friday December 1.  This gives students a chance to perform for each other which is very helpful when you are developing your musicianship.  Parents can attend as well if they choose.  If I have a lot of people attending, I may host these at the church at Queen and Carlaw.  That can be decided later.

Welcome back.  I am looking forward to a great piano year!!

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