The Royal Wedding & an Ear Training Site

I am not a Royal Watcher usually, but since my cats woke me up early, I did manage to catch the ceremony. The music was amazing. A choir of men and boys sang several very beautiful hymns, my favourite being “Jerusalem”. The harmonies in the music brought tears to my eyes. If you get a chance to hear this very good music, please do. It will be “music to your ears”.

Speaking of ears, this week go to this site to develop your ear training skills: Good Ear – Online Ear Training Site

We will look at this site and try it out on Sunday.

At Sunday’s Piano Performance Class, as mentioned we will have a mini rehearsal for our concert. We will also discuss 20th and 21st Century musicians. If you have a favourite piece of music, bring the name and composer, or any information you have and we can listen on Youtube. We will share some of your musical tastes with the rest of the group.

See you on Sunday and for the rest of you not attending the performance class try out the Ear Training site.


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