Summer Schedule and Upcoming Events

Congratulations to all of my Basic Theory and Intermediate Theory Students.  Theory Exams were written last weekend and now we wait for the results.  Considering the hectic schedules of most of my students, I am impressed that these students found the time to learn theory and prepare for these exams set by the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Well done!!

What is theory?  It is the knowledge behind the act of playing the music…a set of principles upon which the PRACTICE of an activity is based.  Knowing how music is structured lends itself to better understanding and therefore..better playing…This knowledge base can be built upon for years…It makes the music come alive…both while performing and while listening.

Our Spring concert is on June 2 at 6:30 at the church at Queen and Carlaw.

Also, there is a Class on Sunday May 27.Piano Performance

Please note that I have added my summer teaching schedule to this site.  Please consult it, choose a summer schedule for yourself and e-mail it to me or discuss it with me.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

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