Summer Click Camp / The Transformative Power of Music

The summer has been fabulous so far and I hope everyone has been enjoying it.  Lauren Schaffer and I are hostessing the summer version of our Click Camp Workshops.  They begin on Monday and we have 14 registrants and lots of talented staff and volunteers.  I will post some of our projects as soon as I can.

An interesting article in the Tuesday July 5 issue of the Globe and Mail .  Go to the Education section and when you get  there type in  “The Transformational Power of Music”.  El Sistema is a “wildly successful Venezuelan initiative that offers instruments and lessons to thousands of children, most from impoverished families”.  The premise of the article is that if we teach children the beauty of music…the music will teach them the beauty of life. There is a growing belief that the cognitive benefits of music are large but that the social and emotional benefits are just as large if not more so.  Epidemiologists at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto want to evaluate the program’s benefits by tracking the program that is expected to start in Toronto in the Fall.

Very cool program..much needed information!!

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