Sitting At The Piano

Playing the piano begins with proper seating at the instrument.  There are several components for you to consider in helping yourself or your child to find the correct position

-the height of the seat

-the placement of the feet

-the distance of the seat from the keyboard

-the position of the torso

-the position of the shoulders

All of these elements combine to give students the proper body alignment and balance needed to move FREELY at the piano

You will all receive a picture of yourselves seated properly at the piano. Get Mom or Dad…someone to check that you are seated properly..even a full length mirror beside you will do.  This is very important!!  You cannot play FREELY and without injury without being seated properly.

More about this next week.

Eric is sitting correctly now, but it took some doing..Check the blog next week to see how and why we positioned him like this at the piano.

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