Practice Tips For Beginners

I seem to have missed posting my blog yesterday.  The time just seems to fly by.  As I have been getting deeper and deeper into practice suggestions, it occurred to me that I have not given any tips to the very early learner..the beginner.

Immediately after the first lesson, I suggest the following be considered and done:

1.  How should the piece sound? Two choices: loud or soft (forte and piano are the musical terms)

2. Which keys am I using? (Three choices for beginners..Two black keys, three black keys or White keys)

3. What is the counting?  This is very important as I want the students to feel the rhythm and GIVE UP COUNTING as soon as possible for each piece of music that they tackle.  How?  Just do the following.

3.a. point at each note and say the rhythm.

3.b. clap the rhythm and feel it

3.c.Play the piece of music!!!  How does it feel and sound?

More to come next blog!!


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