Piano Lessons and Why Summer Vacation Should Be Shorter

The first few years I taught piano, I simply closed down shop during the summer.  It suited me fine as I had small children and quite frankly, I enjoyed the time off.  However, within a few years I noticed that each Fall I was having to re-teach my young students.  So much of their piano learning had been lost over the summer.  I soon came to the realization that to save parents money and my time and energy level, it would be wise to offer lessons during the summer, at least on a part-time basis.  The results were astounding.  Those who either practiced diligently without me over the summer or came to a few lessons, fared much better in the Fall.  We could move on with the learning.  Now there is talk in the Globe and Mail this week about having a shorter summer break to “help alleviate the effect of vacation on students’ learning.  Read more about this in the Globe and Mail under Time To Lead:  Does a shorter summer pass the test?

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