Parent Practice Tip, Upcoming Group Lesson and a Vacation


I hope you all are enjoying this long weekend with your families.

Stephanie Riley, parent of one of my lovely beginner students has this to say:  “While Hannah loves her actual 30 minute lesson with Louise, she’d often rather skip the daily practicing part.  So far, we have negotiated 10 minutes a day, sometimes broken into 2 x 5 minute session and sometimes all 10 at once.  Hannah gets 1 sticker for every 5 minutes practiced and when she reaches 100 stickers, we head to the local toy store to pick out something she has been keening over (monetarily reasonable).  I think the intrinsic satisfaction from practicing is really noticeable when she plays well at her lesson and gets kudos from Louise. ”

What a great idea and Hannah is reaping the rewards as she is very prepared for each piano lesson and is able to move on to a new level of learning consistently.

A reminder that there is a Piano Performance Class next Sunday February 26.  We will listen and talk about 19th century composers like Wagner and Verdi.  Did you know that Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” was based on the four Ring Cycle operas composed by Wagner?  What wonderful stories these operas tell and the music is exquisite.

I also want to remind parents that there are no piano lessons Monday February 27 to Monday March 5 as I am off to the Bahamas to visit my brother who has a condo on the beach…lucky me.

Last weekend I attended a concert at Koerner Hall given by Yasmin Levy and Omar Farouk.  After the concert there was dancing in the lobby area…Hungarian, Turkish and Romanian music…Great fun!!  If you have never been to Koerner Hall it is worth a visit!!

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