Our Hallowe’en Concert and After Party!!

On Saturday October 29 from 3:00 until 5:00, Colour Outside The Lines Music Centre will be  hosting its Annual Hallowe’en Concert and after party. This concert is the first concert for  my  new students and is for the students participating, their siblings, and parent volunteers.

Everyone should wear a costume and bring their music with them.  When you arrive, you and your brothers or sisters will be making your own pizza with whatever toppings you choose.  Then we will have our concert while the pizzas are being cooked.  Following the concert we will have a pizza lunch and will play 3 games…bobbing for apples, drop the witches teeth and end with, grabbing the candy out of the witches’ bowl without being caught….!!!???

Rehearsal for this concert will take place on Saturday October 22 at 4:00 and will be one hour long. Students who are performing   the Hallowe’en music we devised as a group during our last Performance  Class particularly need to attend this rehearsal.

From parents, I need donations of juice, water, fruit and vegetable trays and Hallowe’en treats or desserts.  Could you please e-mail me or let me know at your child’s lesson within the next two weeks, what you would like to contribute.  I could also use volunteers to help with games and serving pizza…The pizza dough and toppings are my Hallowe’en treat for the students. Please remember that the siblings of the students are also welcome to attend the concert and party afterwards.:)


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