Nugs at Click Camp

Happy Friday Morning.!! Just a reminder that our Annual Spring Concert will be held at the Queen Street East Presbyterian Church on Saturday May 14 at 7:30.

Colour Outside The Lines Music Centre will be offering two Click Camps this summer. Session One is July 11-15 and Session Two is July 18-22. Check out the workshop section of this web site.

Nugs pictureDuring the March Click Camp Workshop we had a visit from Nick, founder of “Nugs.”

“During one particularly bleak Christmas, Nick realized he had no money to buy gifts for his loved ones. Instead, they all received the gift of Nugs! Much to his surprise and relief, they all loved their little guys. Even the cat, though she just chewed hers up. Anyways, there it is. He’s been making them ever since.”

If you want to see what a nug looks like, check the Nugs website.

The participants in the March Click Camp also had an opportunity to make a nug or two and to tell a story about them. Check out the vimeo of the Nick’s visit. Other Click Camp Vimeos are available for your viewing on this site as well.

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