My Goal as a Piano Teacher/Group Lesson On Saturday Feb. 22

Just a reminder that the group lesson for all students will be held this Saturday Feb. 22 at Queen street East Presbyterian Church from 4:00-5:00.  I will provide juice and water and it would be great if everyone brought a food item to share with the whole group.  We can enjoy some treats in the banquet hall after the group lesson.  This is for students and parents of the young children are welcome to stay.

For students, please bring your music and arrive ten minutes early  so we can put the treats on the banquet table and get started promptly at 4:00.

I love this stement:  “My primary goal as a piano teacher is to create a climate in which my students can experience continued musical, intellectual and emotional growth and to become increasingly DISPENSABLE to them in the process….Everything I do as a teacher and every other teaching goal I have relates directly to ths first, most basic objective .. to help my students grow by and for themseles..Frances Clark, 1989


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