More Practice Tips!

During last  Friday’s blog I wrote about THE PACT…when practicing…patience, awareness, curiosity and tunnel vision.  This week I want you to have a look at THE BIG PICTURE.  Start by writing measure numbers at the beginning of each line of music if the score does not already contain them.   The following tips will help you practice more efficiently

Sections:  Look and discover the music’s overall structure .  Label each section with a capital letter.  If two sections are alike, use the same letter.

Form:  With the help of your teacher, you should be able to name the form of the piece.

Similarities:  Composers often repeat entire measures, phrases or even sections.  These Repetitions could form a large part of your piece.  Find the repetitions in your score and mark them.  You can skip practicing this material until you put the piece together later.

Differences: Compare sections that look the same and mark the exact spots here one differs form the other.

Terms: Buy a music dictionary and look up any terms that you do not understand and write them on your music.

Keep focused and keep practicing.  Use you precious time wisely.

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