“I Played It Better At Home”/Effective Practicing

“I played it better at home”.  How often I have heard that from students and said it myself.  Often this statement isn’t exactly true.  Most likely you (and I) didn’t notice what went wrong or didn’t know what to do about it.  However, when performing, what we are not doing well stands out like a bright red nose!

Nancy O’Neill Breth has developed a guide to help you practice more effectively  Today and in the next few weeks i am going to give you some of her practice tips.  Let’s start with PACT.

1. Patience-Learning to play the piano can’t be done in a hurry.  It takes time-every day, week and over the years.  Set aside a portion of each day for practicing and keep the appointment faithfully.

2.  Awareness-LISTEN so carefully that you know exactly how you sound

3.  Curiosity-Ask yourself questions.  How did that sound?  Was it better than before?  If so, how?  If not, why not?  Should i slow it down, change what I am doing?

4. Tunnel Vision-Set a specific goal for each practice session.  focus on one problem at a time.  Work in small sections.  Even within a section, work on one hand (or one musical line) at a time or on one aspect only, such as accuracy, speed, balance, dynamics and tone quality

I hope this helps.  More next week.

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