How Do You Eat An Elephant? and May 14 Concert

I often ask my students “How Do You Eat An Elephant?” The answer being “One Bite at a time”.  Learning how to play an instrument is like that.  A lot of what I teach the students is in preparation for later playing.  We build slowly on the skills,  one step at a time.  I try not to send students home to practice anything that they are going to have trouble with.  As a result, sometimes students think they already know the  item being assigned for practice and do not practice what I have outlined for them in their Student Practice Guide and come back unprepared.  This makes it very difficult to proceed to the next level.  I would like parents and students to become more goal oriented when it comes to practicing in the future and will talk more about how to do this in the coming blogs. There is a huge difference between practicing and playing an instrument.  We all need to know how to practice and the difference between the two.

Our May 14 Concert was successful.  Check out the pictures in the photo gallery. You are all stars in my book!!

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