Have a Great Long Weekend!! But Fill Out Some Forms First

By now all of you will have received my e-mail with the Student Exchange List plus an updated version.  Updates will occur fairly regularly  so we can keep in touch with each other.  Please go to the Private Piano Lesson Schedule to decide who would be a suitable exchange for you, should you need this service.

I would appreciate it if you could read the policies and fill out the Studio Policies Form. The request forms for Summer Piano Lessons and Fall Piano Lessons need to be filled out as well as soon as you know your schedule.  I will try very hard to accommodate your first request.

Please let me know when you would like your child or yourself to come for Summer Piano Lessons. It is my contention and that of the experts that the whole summer away from lessons is not good for learning  skills.  “The results of a four-year pilot study, obtained by The Globe and Mail (Aug. 6/10), show that children who have only a one-month summer break do better in math, retain more of their lessons and need less time for review”.  This is true as well for the skills required to play the piano.  It translates into savings for the parents who are paying for lessons as the student can progress to new material immediately once summer is over rather than spending several weeks reviewing.  As a piano teacher I have found this to be  true. Please register for at least two lessons this summer.  Use the Summer Piano Lesson Request Form

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