Group Piano Class and Hallowe’en Concert Rehearsal

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  Now we are preparing for our Annual Hallowe’en  Concert and party today at Queen Street East Presbyterian Church located at the corner of Queen and Carlaw.

We will be doing the following:

1.Introductions and getting to know each other                                                                             2.  Listening to some Hallowe’en music.    Erlking, and Symphonie Fantastique.(.Thriller if the internet works at the church!! )                                                                                           3.Forming the students into groups for preparing and supervising games at the concert.  This year the students are in charge!                                                                                                 4.  Listening to each other play-the rehearsal..I will briefly explain the importance of listening (being a good audience) and presenting before, after an during playing.                    5. Points and Reading Challenge explained.                                                                                    6.  Play some games and develop game ideas.                                                                                   7.  Description of brown paper bags, stickers and treats at the concert after party



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