Easter Egg Sightreading Contest

Happy Spring!!

One of the main predictions about whether an individual who has studied an instrument will continue to play through out his/her lifetime is how well that person sight reads.  With busy lives it is sometimes difficult for student to remember to read a new line of music daily to perfect these skills.  So, to motivate the students to develop good habits, I am hostessing an Easter Egg Sight Reading contest.  For every five sight readings the student accomplishes, they will earn an Easter Egg.  This means they must record their sight readings  in their Student Practice booklet (along with days practiced..it is important for me to know whether you are having trouble with the music, or just not practicing enough!!) They must  prove to me that they are improving by sight reading correctly at the lesson.

The grand prize for improved sight reading  will be presented at our Spring Concert which will be held on Saturday June 2 at 6:30.  more about that later.

Next week…perfect practicing makes…well..perfect!!

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