Concert Preparation Tips

Hello Parents and Students:

Our concert is tomorrow at 6:30.  Please arrive by 6:15 so we can begin promptly.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for this annual event

  1. Have a restful day the day of the concert.
  2. Dress up!  This is a celebration.  The culmination of 8 months of hard work.
  3. Eat some protein to help you focus and a banana to help you relax.
  4. Bring your music, even if you music is memorized.  Mark your page(s) with a post-it note.
  5. Be sure that the bench is adjusted properly.  I will help you when you get to the piano.
  6. Remember to bow when you get to the piano and after your performance.
  7. If you are using the pedal, try it with the shoes you will be wearing the day of the concert.
  8. Perform for family and friends several times this week or record yourself to prepare for your performance.
  9. Play a few bars of music in your head before you begin…Breathe!!..and BE the music.


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