GOOD NEWS!  Most  of the marks for piano exams from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto have been published  and everyone passed…lots with Honours so congratulations to everyone for meeting their goals  and performing so well.

Just a note that each student who has registered with the Royal Conservatory will receive an RCM number and a confirmation number.  The confirmation number changes, but the RCM number should be recorded for safekeeping as this number will stay with the student for the rest of her/his life.  I still have mine and can look up exams and marks as far back as I want to..which in my “far back”.

School is out next week and for any students who may travel to Calgary may want to visit the Cantos Music Foundation. “With more than 700 items, from harpsichords to synthesizers…(the foundation) is becoming a popular stop for musicians touring to Calgary….”  Globe and Mail, June 23, 2011. They have interesting items in their arsenal such as Elton John’s original piano and a Novachord which is from 1939 and looks like a piano but plays like an organ.  It is often considered to be the world’s first commercial polyphonic synthesizer

A quick reminder to sign up for Summer Lessons and Fall Lessons. Also please read my Studio Policies and submit that you have read and agreed to them. Have a great weekend!

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