A Successful Spring Concert Was Had By All and A Lofty Student Goal

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Spring Concert which was held last Saturday June 2. A special thanks to Isey and Maxim for being Mistress and Master of ceremonies.  They did a great job.

All students played very well.  You should be proud of yourselves.

A special congratulations to Rio who won the sightreading contest.

A few people looked a little shocked when I  made the statement that the goal of all of my piano students should be to get rid of me.  A few of my lovely students protested that they could never have that as their goal,  I think it is a good one. Please let me explain.

Usually teachers assign music one week, hear it the second week to check on accuracy and make suggestions for the next week of practice. This might run the gamut from assigning another week of slow, secure practice (paying still more attention to details) all the way to making a purely interpretive study of the piece in preparation for performance.

I believe in assigning pieces (to students who are ready) for them to complete on their own.  Ideally there is no hearing of the piece or help from the teacher up to the moment of its performance.  In other words, the student’s goal is to bring this piece to performance standards on his own in a specified length of time. The question then is simply what can the student do with this piece entirely on his own?  Of course the more searching question being asked is how much have we accomplished as his teacher?  How successful have we been in teaching this student to practice effectively?  How far along are we in helping him toward independence form us?  Remember the ultimate success of the the teaching learning interchange is how DISPENSABLE we are able to make ourselves.  We know that the student’s progress depends in large measure on how successfully he can work on his own at home in his daily practice.  The conscientious teacher always looks toward the future when the student will no longer be taking lessons but will be able to use his musicianship and skills for a life-time of continuing enjoyment at the piano.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Nice to hear that further explained Louise.
    I love that you are helping the kids really explore the processes and procedures toward interpretation and independent creation. Very lovely concert!

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