A Busy Time, Concert Pictures Posted and Summer Lesson Request Forms

Hello Parents and Students:  Personally I have a lot happening.  My nephew graduates from law school today, my son with his degree in Sociology in Montreal on Monday and many of my students are playing their Royal Conservatory of Music practical examinations next week.  It has and is a busy time and I thank everyone for their flexibility as so many schedule changes have occurred lately.

Pictures of the spring concert are posted in the photo gallery.  Take a look and thank you to Lauren Schaffer for being our photographer.

Summer Piano Lesson Request Forms are available. I have discussed with most of you, the benefits of taking some lessons in the summer.  It saves a whole of relearning when September arrives and is also a great time to get some practicing in. Please go to the Summer Piano Lesson Request Form and plan to take a few lessons this summer.

Have a great weekend!!!

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